Typical Issues in Warehouses and How to Resolve Them

Others might see warehousing as straightforward since they believe that it only involves storing goods and materials on racks until they are needed. However, the people in the industry could only wish that it’s was that easy! Handling an inventory has always been difficult and the new logistic management trends keep on making it even more challenging day by day. Here are the most common problems that happen in any warehouse and some tips to solve them to help make the load a lot easier: 

Inaccurate inventory 

Inaccurate or incomplete inventory usually happens once a warehouse staff tries to get a product from an anticipated location and it’s not there or they’re led to store a product into an assigned area that’s already full. Effort and time are wasted doing physical checks and attempting to correct the wrong, which usually leads to mis-picks and delayed shipments. 

A lot of these problems are due to manual, burdensome, and less-than-optimal processes that lead to eliciting wrong data in the system. One of the best solutions to this is to use WES or warehouse execution system and other applications that can assist in automating data-recording activities. 

Poor utilization of space/layout  

Attaining a superb space utilization has become the main concern now that e-commerce is continually developing. In fulfillment centers, there is more picking and movement as well as increasing the poor layout’s budget. Moreover, the location of a warehouse near to population centers usually take more costly land, driving up the expenses. N 

Utilizing WES data to determine the items that are most typically selected items and making sure to reduce traveled distance for choosing these. Moreover, discover what recent storage and racking technology can do to affect utilization positively. 

Product Diversification 

Warehouses are keeping an extensive range of items than ever before that are associated with the development of fulfillment centers. Though WES capacity is not commonly one of the major problems in warehouses, the increase in selecting work certainly is. Similar to space utilization, the key lies in utilizing WES to know the maximum optimal storage algorithms to boost picking efficiency. Moreover, search for means to minimize the physical work needed to achieve these picking jobs. AS/RS would be the best answer. 

Preventing product damage 

There are a lot of reasons that a product or material could be damaged within a warehouse. At times, this can be observed during picking, Modern pallet and racking flow systems can transport product more carefully compared to traditional technology. Instances are slowed and zero pressure systems keep up the slightest separation to stop and avoid damages as much as possible. Once again, AS/RS is another solution for this. 

High labor expenses 

Managers at fulfillment and distribution centers are under boosting pressure to minimize expenses while enhancing service levels. As of now, picking is still an extremely manual task. Though solutions are still innovating.  

Here are only some of the problems warehouses usually encounter. Thankfully, storage warehouse Moncton will be the best warehouse service to contact since they are reliable and known for its excellence when it comes to taking care of your items at your expense and without hassle. Contact them now to prevent the possible mishaps that your item might experience.  

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